Swirling melodies.

Melodies swirl when the owl hoots , cricket chirps and the lion roars. Melodies swirl when the leaves rustle and the cascading waterfall gurgles. Melodies swirl when the off-shore breeze whines and unfold mysteries infinite. Melodies swirl when brittle branches snap under our feet and snake slither in the leaves. Melodies swirl when the new … Continue reading Swirling melodies.

What happened to us?

Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com Rusted door and dusty shelves, bushes and weeds in our beloved garden, life was a rush and we forgot how to love. Money , bills and a life boring and still , daily humdrums rusted our shiny life , and we stopped looking eye to eye. Photographs engulfed by … Continue reading What happened to us?


Pic credit- Mayuri Srivastava, Location-Nainital (Uttarakhand ,India) I have written this poem (or song) called trespass for my life , to be my companion in my happy and tough times because together we can fight external enemies and heal our internal wounds. Hope you will like it. Far from city's thunder, we had a place … Continue reading Trespass.