The longest day. (Choka#1)

Photo by Pixabay on After retirement, he woke at the crack of dawn , habits beat like heart. Hazy eyes at suit and tie, dangling from the peg , like the gaping oblong face. His office bag smells, like steel of train , dried peanuts, sweat and burnt papers. Spiders are now working hard, … Continue reading The longest day. (Choka#1)

Last dance.(Sonnet #1)

Smell of betrayal lingers over him, like rotten tomatoes in my torn shoe. The grey pupils of his eyes screams a tale , a tale of deception and crime , grey and pale. Petals of lotus , lizard's tail , owl's blood. I cast my spell , they avalanches like flood. I trace his grey … Continue reading Last dance.(Sonnet #1)

Housewife.(Butterfly cinquain#1)

Photo by Roxanne Shewchuk on Chapped hands, and brittle nails. Trail of unending dust, dreams rotting under pile of clothes. Wings clipped, in the cloak of duty and love. Maybe it is love or, chains that she needs, to break. ~Mayuri Srivastava~ on the above link to see the prompt. I wrote this … Continue reading Housewife.(Butterfly cinquain#1)


Pic Credit-Mayuri Srivastava , Pic location-Mukteshwar (Uttarakhan,India) I have been to this place of faith . It's believed that if anyone ties a knot of sacred scarlet red cloth around the branches of this grand old tree and offers their prayer then their wishes will get fulfilled. This mystic tree burdened with the wishes of … Continue reading Faith.