What happened to us?

Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com Rusted door and dusty shelves, bushes and weeds in our beloved garden, life was a rush and we forgot how to love. Money , bills and a life boring and still , daily humdrums rusted our shiny life , and we stopped looking eye to eye. Photographs engulfed by … Continue reading What happened to us?

Be my home again.

Lovers don't finally meet somewhere,They are in each other all along.Rumi The above quotation of Rumi inspired me to write this poem (or song). I don't know if it's relatable but still I wrote it. Hope you will like it. Remember me, when drops of rain kiss your lips and when the wild wind wraps … Continue reading Be my home again.


Photo by Vicky Thao on Pexels.com Full moon and dazzling bone fire, waves rolled and broke on the shore, our fingers entangled like the tiny threads of hope. Shooting star crashed alone, and all I wished was for you evermore. You looked in my eyes, and said girl you are mine. Melodies and beats from … Continue reading Evermore.