Faded pearls.(Mirror cinquain#1)

Grey rose, cold labyrinth, camouflaged the last drops, of morning fog and kept it safe. Alas, wind gusts, quivered the dew drops and they shone, like pearls kissing the sun, and faded in, the sun. ~Mayuri Srivastava~ Hello everyone , I tried to write a Mirror cinquain . I don't know why but I felt … Continue reading Faded pearls.(Mirror cinquain#1)

Gloomy eyes.(Cinquains#4)

Her eyes, gloomy and black, caged in her abstract world, follows me like some trail of long, shadows. Her eyes, pair of black holes, feeds on my cells like leeches, sprawled between my brows and scrapes my reasons. Her eyes, with injured stare, makes me ponder about, my unknown crimes and follows me, everywhere. Her … Continue reading Gloomy eyes.(Cinquains#4)