Swirling melodies.

Melodies swirl when the owl hoots , cricket chirps and the lion roars. Melodies swirl when the leaves rustle and the cascading waterfall gurgles. Melodies swirl when the off-shore breeze whines and unfold mysteries infinite. Melodies swirl when brittle branches snap under our feet and snake slither in the leaves. Melodies swirl when the new … Continue reading Swirling melodies.

What happened to us?

Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com Rusted door and dusty shelves, bushes and weeds in our beloved garden, life was a rush and we forgot how to love. Money , bills and a life boring and still , daily humdrums rusted our shiny life , and we stopped looking eye to eye. Photographs engulfed by … Continue reading What happened to us?


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com Memories euphoric and lugubrious avalanches inside my heart, like the snow on those ghostly roads , unbounded and free. Memories dive inside my mind and peck my heart's flesh. Those memories grow like my nails strong but ugly, they know the nooks and crannies of my hiding place, they know … Continue reading Memories.


Pic credit -Mayuri Srivastava. Rain swirled and the lizard hopped out of the mud with a splash, smell of lilies buoyed from the heart of her gloomy flowerbed. She stepped out and let the raindrops crown her maze of eyelash, rain or whipping storm she decided to live before she was dead. ~Mayuri Srivastava~ Nature … Continue reading Hope.


Photo by Vicky Thao on Pexels.com Full moon and dazzling bone fire, waves rolled and broke on the shore, our fingers entangled like the tiny threads of hope. Shooting star crashed alone, and all I wished was for you evermore. You looked in my eyes, and said girl you are mine. Melodies and beats from … Continue reading Evermore.

Closed Door.

Photo by Rafael Albaladejo on Pexels.com Behind the closed door, was her tiny garden, where bloomed the rare weeds, wild and strong. Behind the closed door, was the majestic web, the web of all possibilities, that she had spun when she was a kid. Behind the closed door, was her castle of card, which still … Continue reading Closed Door.