Almond. ( Book review #2)


Author – Won Pyung Sohn

Genre – Fiction , Contemporary , Young adult , Mental health , Asian literature.

No of pages – 272

Plot without spoilers.

Almond is the story of a boy named Yunjae who suffers from a brain condition called alexithymia , a condition which makes it difficult for him to feel emotions like love , fear , anger and various others emotions felt by normal human beings and that makes him different and isolated from everyone. It’s his mother and grandmother who helps and guides him to live a safe life but a shocking incident changes his life and leaves him alone.

In his attempt to cope with his condition and his loss he ends up making an unexpected friend named Gon .They share a unique bond and when the life of Gon is in risk it’s Yunjae who will risk his everything to save him.

My view.

“This story is in short , about a monster meeting another monster . One of the monster is me”. This is a quote from the book.

Won Pyung Sohn tries to compare two boys, one who hardly feels anything and one who feels too much and both were in a dangerous situation, and the beautiful bond that they shared inspite of their difference. This story questions the so called morality of the society. A society which ridicules the person who lacks emotion but they themselves inspite of having so many emotions hardly takes a stand when something wrong happens and just wear the veil of pity and sadness.

“People shut their eyes to a distant tragedy saying there is nothing they could do, yet they didn’t stand up for one happening nearby either because they were too terrified. Most people feel but didn’t act. They said they sympathized but easily forgot”.

This book is about how one tries to change others not for the benefit of the one suffering but just so that they can fit in the society , instead of understanding their mental condition they give them list of rules to follow to adjust in the society.

This book is about how by trying one can truly change themselves and it doesn’t matter from where one start there is always a scope for changing ourselves for better. This book is also about the struggles of adolescence , power of love and friendship.

I loved this book and it was an easy read.

Hope you will enjoy this book.

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Thank you for reading.


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