August clouds.( Sunday musings #1)

August clouds are so beautiful . The sun is not too intense and the wind not too cold , a perfect month to feel good and relax your mind.

Today the sky looked so intoxicating that I couldn’t resist myself from clicking these pictures then I don’t know why it felt like I should share these pictures. So here is my post . Maybe I will write a poem for these clouds someday , mesmerizing clouds like soft and fluffy cotton dangling in the sky , today they decorated my sky tomorrow they will travel to another land and share their stories . Clouds are like traveller they have seen places that I will never see so whenever I see them I sit quiet and whisper my stories with the hope that it will be heard.

So if you are not feeling good step out of your room with monotonous shelf and wall and let the wind wrap you in it’s arms and let the sun caress your skin. I am sure it will help and maybe the clouds will whisper to you my stories .

Thank you for reading.

~Mayuri Srivastava~


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