Last dance.(Sonnet #1)

Smell of betrayal lingers over him,

like rotten tomatoes in my torn shoe.

The grey pupils of his eyes screams a tale ,

a tale of deception and crime , grey and pale.

Petals of lotus , lizard’s tail , owl’s blood.

I cast my spell , they avalanches like flood.

I trace his grey freckles and hold him close,

our bodies interwined like bud of rose.

We dance our last dance like withering leaves,

I plant a kiss on his grave lips and grieve,

trees die , sea burns and he metamorphose ,

sky turns purple and toad hops in grey smoke,

he croaks “witch witch” and jumps into a trench,

I am a witch who quenched her revenge.

~Mayuri Srivastava~

Recently I read a book called “Gone girl” and then I came across Collen chesebro’s tuesday prompt and the idea of writing this poem called Last Dance popped in my head. This poem is about betrayal , magic , witchcraft and a girl’s revenge.

I have crafted this poem using a form called Sonnet they are usually written about romantic love but I have written it about betrayal and revenge. It is for the first time that I wrote one I don’t know if it’s correct or if there are mistakes , you can give me your review I will try to improve.

Sonnet originated in Italy it is a 14 line poem with a variable rhyme scheme and each line contains 10 syllables.

Click on the link below to know about Collen Chesebro’s tuesday prompt. Thanks for the prompt.

Thank you for reading.


18 thoughts on “Last dance.(Sonnet #1)

  1. Very interesting interpretation, Mayuri. I’m always amazed by how we each see differently. Well done!

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