Swirling melodies.

Melodies swirl when the owl hoots , cricket chirps and the lion roars.

Melodies swirl when the leaves rustle and the cascading waterfall gurgles.

Melodies swirl when the off-shore breeze whines and unfold mysteries infinite.

Melodies swirl when brittle branches snap under our feet and snake slither in the leaves.

Melodies swirl when the new born baby cries and when one wails for their beloved drowned in the ocean of death.

Music buoys when the windchimes sing tin tin on our broken window ,

Music can light candles in our broken soul ,without music life is nothing but an empty vessel .

Music is a cloak which can change it’s color from love to despair and from freedom to chains.

We may not know the language we speak still we can express with melodies and beats.

Music has the power to sooth and power to change.

Music has the power to express and power to connect.

Music has the power to inspire and power of peace .

Music has the power of love and power of hope,

so kiss your cello and flute and scribble those notes,

scribble those notes on the sheets plastic or ragged,

scribble those notes,

mystical and beautiful.

Wear the music cloak and dance on your tippy toes.

~Mayuri Srivastava~

Here is a poem I wrote for Sadje’s What do you see challenge. Click on the link below to know more about the prompt.

6 thoughts on “Swirling melodies.

  1. I love this poem Mayuri. You’ve used the situations of life and the instruments of music to convey a beautiful message. Thanks for joining in

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