Pic credit -Mayuri Srivastava.

Rain swirled and the lizard hopped out of the mud with a splash,

smell of lilies buoyed from the heart of her gloomy flowerbed.

She stepped out and let the raindrops crown her maze of eyelash,

rain or whipping storm she decided to live before she was dead.

~Mayuri Srivastava~

Nature is beautiful and it can inspire people to live , it can give people hope . The way the tiny creatures survive and fight in spite of all the odds can be the source of hope to many.

In this poem called hope I have used the symbolism of lizard which means birth , regeneration and survival . I have also used the symbolism of lily which means birth and motherhood. Hope you will find this poem meaningful.

I wrote this poem for Rebecca Cuningham july poetry challenge. Click on the link below to see the prompt which was to write a Spanish cuarteto .

Poetry Challenge for July 2022

Thank you for reading.

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