Be my home again.

Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere,

They are in each other all along.


The above quotation of Rumi inspired me to write this poem (or song). I don’t know if it’s relatable but still I wrote it.

Hope you will like it.

Remember me,

when drops of rain kiss your lips and when the wild wind wraps you in it’s tender arms.

Remember me,

When the cool grass tickles your feet and when butterfly flutters it’s rainbow wings.

Remember me,

when you look at the moon and when the lilies in our forgotten garden bloom.

Remember me,

when seasons change and when you miss your last train.

Because when the winter goes away and when the lilies bloom again,

I will return back to you like the snow melts back to the ocean,

and when I return I want you to be my home again.

I have left my favourite shawl in your closet,

and my breath on your misty window.

I have left my rose in your favourite book,

and my heart caged inside the ring on your finger.

So keep me in your heart like I have kept you in mine,

and when this journey ends I will return back to you,

and this time I will come painted in all shades of colours,

and not just purple and blue.

The way the bird returns to it’s nest after the storm,

I will return to you when this darkness ends,

and I will kiss your injuries and wounds,

and when I return be my home again.

~Mayuri Srivastava~

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Faded pearls.(Mirror cinquain#1)

Thank You.

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