Faded pearls.(Mirror cinquain#1)

Grey rose,

cold labyrinth,

camouflaged the last drops,

of morning fog and kept it safe.


wind gusts,

quivered the dew drops and they shone,

like pearls kissing the sun,

and faded in,

the sun.

~Mayuri Srivastava~

Hello everyone , I tried to write a Mirror cinquain .

I don’t know why but I felt it was quite similar to something I wrote before (Ambush.(Haiku#4)). Hope you will like it.

I wrote this poem for Eugi’s weekly prompt. Click on the link below to see the prompt.

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Morning Fog – June 7, 2022

Thank you for reading.

9 thoughts on “Faded pearls.(Mirror cinquain#1)

  1. I love your poem! 💕
    I have written cinquains, but not a mirrored one…will have to give it a try.

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