Pic Credit-Mayuri Srivastava , Pic location-Mukteshwar (Uttarakhan,India)

I have been to this place of faith . It’s believed that if anyone ties a knot of sacred scarlet red cloth around the branches of this grand old tree and offers their prayer then their wishes will get fulfilled. This mystic tree burdened with the wishes of people from all around the country amazed me so I decided to write a poem(Ekphrastic Poem) for this tree . Hope you will like it.

Rusted dangling bells,

and knots of scarlet red cloak.

The aged tree yells,

the stories of faith and hope.

Mountains echoes the myth,

that the mystic tree pays heed,

to anguish of death,

unquenched pain and vicious greed.

Clasped hands , woods and smoke.

Grandmother was here before,

now me and my folk,

wraps our hope on her torn cloak.

Because the faith goes on an on.

This poem is an Ekphrastic syllabic Poem with abab rhyme and 5-7-5-7 syllable in every verse that is first and third line of every verse contains 5 syllables and second and fourth line of every verse contains 7 syllables.

~Mayuri Srivastava~

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