Maybe this picture doesn’t suit this poem but when I reached here I wanted to sing this poem and hear the echo.

Well I wanted to write a song but I don’t know how to compose music so I wrote this poem called Goodbye. Hope you will like it.

Your love,

the burning flames in the sea.

Your love,

brittle leaves of the tree.

Your dirty footsteps,

in my gallery,

where roses bloom and die,

longing for your kiss,

but your kiss felt so divine,

like the tiny stars in the sky.

Your smell,

like the rose bush with thorns.

Your presence,

like the deceptive clouds in the sky,

Your dirty footsteps,

on my canvas,

where my paint rot and die,

longing for you to fade,

to fade forever,

like the smoke in the sky.

You were,

just a mirage of hopes,

who played with my heart,

like the game of pitch and toss.

Now that I know,

your deceptive empty eyes,

and your crooked smile,

I will sing goodbye,


I wear my veil,

and behind my veil my tears dry,

but my heart asunder and cries,

it screams goodbye,


I will let you go this time,

and sing goodbye,


~Mayuri Srivastava~

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