Thief. (Story)

His tiny belly protruded yet empty growled and moaned. His eyes felt heavy and legs too light to stand and walk. The pain of hunger reached his throat it felt as if the flesh inside his belly has started to decompose to quench his hunger. With his mouth wide open he gasped for air to fill the voids of his empty stomach.

Sprawled on the sidewalk he stretched his tiny palm before strangers on street , strangers with similar face and similar pace , strangers who were busy with their worries and didn’t had the time and money to spare on this tiny air sucking creature. But why to blame the crowd of strangers after all they too had bills to pay, train to catch and mountains to climb so this boy who was like a speck of dust in their enormous life went unnoticed.

With tiny bubbles bursting inside his stomach he somehow reached a shop where he saw a girl who was savouring red color cold ice cream. The moment he saw her , saliva cascaded inside his mouth which he tried to swallow bit by bit but , the monster inside his belly was now overpowering his senses , it had spread it’s web and was now whipping and scratching the lining of his stomach. The turmoil inside his brain was unbearable. His eyes , were no more his it was the eyes of monster, the monster of hunger, the monster of poverty and the monster of helplessness.

He invoulntarily but voluntarily ran to the shop and picked up the pack of ice cream lying on the shelf and tore the wrapper. Tears rolled from his eyes when the cold sweet taste wrapped his tongue and played with his taste buds. He was lost , he was on clouds , he was smiling , he wanted to eat more but suddenly a tight grip snatched away the most precious thing in his life. With his bulbous eyes wet with tears he looked at the giant figure towering him who has gripped his wrist tightly. He was the man with enormous moustache and ruthless eyes. He pushed the little boy on ground and howled “You Thief ! How dare you come near my shop”

~Mayuri Srivastava~

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