Pic Credit-Mayuri Srivastava

Jealousy is the greatest devil of all. By nurturing jealousy in our heart we ruin our soul and in the end we hurt ourselves. We should be careful from this devil ones it spreads it’s root it’s hard to uproot.

Here is a poem I wrote with this concept hope you will find it meaningful.

Last winter ,

In the month of december ,

I sowed a seed in my garden .

I gave it water and let it breathe,

and within a week a tree myriad and green,

sprawled from that tiny seed .

Green fruits dangling from it’s branches,

were the delicacies of my garden,

which I ate everyday to keep my insecurities away.

When the world pierced my soul and tears knocked my eyes,

I ran to enjoy it’s fruits plump and green,

I savored them till the blood in my veins sparkled green.

Back then I failed to realize that my tree was in disguise,

so I ignored when it’s thorns pierced my throat and reined my mind,

wrapped in it’s comfort I bathed in my own blood green and dark.

I stopped looking eye to eye and the devil inside me rolled and smile,

and it became a routine of my life.

When I tried to stop I failed after all they were the fruits of my seed,

and day by day the wild tree grew creepy and strong,

it swallowed my garden and caged me in my own home green and dark.

Now my house was haunted and so was I ,

and the green monster smiled and dived high and high,

and I crawled around helplessly.

Since the I have never stepped out,

and now I don’t know if I am dead or alive.

~Mayuri Srivastava~

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