My encounter with her eyes.

Pic credit – Mayuri Srivastava

Her eyes were unfathomable.

Even now when I close my eyes I am still able to see hers as if they had imprinted something on me that is indelible , it’s something that I am going to carry all through my life.

Her pupils diverged and quivered as they swam unreined inside the deep grey ocean , her pupils echoed strange unknown stories. Here eyes reflected a dazzling light and it moved quickly as it scanned the room as if they had seen too much to remain still. There was a dull light in her eyes like the winter rain , they had some sort of recklessness , some sort of hunger , some sort of emptiness. Her pupils were like two blackholes trying to engulf everything they could see.

Her eyes contrasted her otherwise serene and calm face and her wry smile was just a disguise , the only thing that was real were her eyes which looked too old for her youthful face.

It appeared that her eyes were in search of something , something that they were unaware of , something unsettling. In fact her eyes were in itself were unsettling they were like the ones which would stare at you inside the woods and follow you no matter where you run.

After I encountered her eyes it felt like I had lost something inside me , something without which I would always remain incomplete and maybe someday I will go all around the globe in search of that lost part of puzzle but my instincts screams that all I am going to find is her eyes which would suck me completely . It’s like a labyrinth , it’s there to make me disappear like the wisp of smoke in the cloud and it all started after I encountered her eyes.

~Mayuri Srivastava~

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