The Bridge.(Flash Fiction)

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Faint whispers of breath from his frail lifeless body like the whining of wind from the mountains were the only proof that he was alive. He wanted to talk , he wanted to cry , he wanted to scream but the key to unlock his body and express his emotions were lost and now he laid on his bed like the caged bird but he was caged inside his own body.

He could hear the low sobs of his wife as she held his hand . He wanted to take her in his arms and tell her he loved her but he couldn’t his lips were froze and dead like his body. Now that his body was still every minute thing that he never noticed before stirred a storm inside him. The smell of dying roses , sound of the clock and the sound of raindrops pelting on the glass window were like salt on his wounds they reminded him about what he had lost. The world was moving but he laid rigid and calm like the dormant volcano.

It was just few days back when he was crying because he felt trapped and powerless and it was then that he was drawn to the bridge , the bridge whose stories were well known . The bridge with mystic cloud which can heal anyone and set them free , the bridge that connected life and death. He was now trapped on the bridge from which he jumped .Back then he didn’t know what to choose life or death so the bridge choose him and now he laid still like the mountain dead but alive.

~Mayuri Srivastava~

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