She came back.(Story)

Never ask what’s dead and forgotten to come back because sometimes it can come back and turn your world upside down.

Here is a short story I wrote, my first horror story. Hope you will like it

Pic credit-Mayuri Srivastava

Flowers from her garden were still fresh and alive. Few days back Anita handpicked those flowers to decorate my worn out earthen pot and I don’t think I will be able to dump them the way she dumped me. Memories of last week flashed back in my mind , when we sat at the window and cooked stories about strangers walking on the street. She said ” Looks like her wife hit him “, we were laughing , we were carefree, we were happy and now she has disappeared like the smoke.

Three days back her car crashed with a truck and I lost her forever . It was hard for me to believe because every corner of my room reminded me of her eternal presence . I could still feel her shrill laughter ringing in my ears . My heart just can’t believe that she was dead. Since the news broke I have texted her hundred messages with the hope that she might answer them the way she used to . I texted her again “I miss you , wish you were here “. Screen of my phone turned black , It’s battery died but I kept staring at the black screen with my empty eyes as if it will speak and console me.

I was lost in my thoughts when the shrill echo of my doorbell startled me , my phone dropped on the carpet but the doorbell kept ringing violently. I rushed to unchain my door but to my utter surprise no one was there it felt strange and creepy so I locked my door . I was crestfallen so I went to my study to find a book to distract my mind but my heart sank when sound of hushed laughter came from my kitchen. I tried to tell myself that I was mistaken and walked to the kitchen with the hope to find a cat but the kitchen looked neat and uninvaded so I kept staring at the stuff in kitchen for a while and it felt like something brushed my spine when suddenly a bowl fell on the floor and the lights of the kitchen fused , everything turned black . There were pair of green eyes the only thing that gleamed in the pitch darkness . My hands started to sweat and I shuddered with fear I rushed out of the kitchen without looking back and It was in the window’s glass pane that I saw reflection of cat at my feet . I felt relaxed for a second but the hair on my neck stiffed because the cat kept staring at me with her empty green eyes , my neck was now covered with sweat . I tried to count my breath and turned around when a gust of wind with dust and dried leaves rushed from the window inside my room, the windchime swung violently and crashed on the floor with a shriek , the window rattled and curtains ruffled like a beast. The wind kept whining but the trees on the street were calm as if in a deep sleep. My room was swallowed with the smell of dead and rotten leaves which covered my feet. I knew something was not right.

I felt dizzy and nauseated when the piercing silence of my room was once again broken by the banging sound of my phone I reached for my phone but wait a minute how could it ring when it’s battery died just an hour ago. I was numb and cold and everything was dead silent now because it was Anita’s call . I dropped my phone , trembling with fear I wished it was a dream but it was not and then her shrill voice pierced my ear ” Look out of the window , I am back”.

She was standing on the street in her pink floral dress , her face was pale and covered with blood and her green eyes were piercing mine.

~Mayuri Srivastava~


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