I am alive.

Our self worth should not be determined by what others think about us. Just because the lens of others are foggy doesn’t mean we are not important . We are important and beautiful in our own way . Don’t let the yardstick created by others measure your capabilities . Even a speck of dust has its own importance and its own existence.

Here is a poem I wrote (that you too can recite to yourself) to express my feelings.

I am dried leaf in the heap and a forgotten dream.

I am tiny drop of rain in the ocean and a hazy smoke in air.

I am withered pollen in the sand invisible to your foggy lens.

I am the fallen jasmine in night,

my fragrance hovering far and wide.

I am the sun about to set and about to rise.

Metamorphosed into a chameleon,

I am on the tree and stone,

dreaming a world of my own,

walking a path that no one will ever know.

I am just invisible to your blinded eyes,

but I am alive.

I will drink your darkness ,

and reflect the light with a ray of hope,

a blaze of my own,

I am alive and that’s all I know.

I am alive and that’s all I know.

~Mayuri Srivastava~

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