Nightmare or reality-Flash Fiction

His bloody gaze made me shiver like the pouring rain in December. With his fingers wrapped around the trigger he hushed into my ears “Will you die for your lover?”. My mouth perched and my brain fogged as I tried to recall the events of last night .

I wondered what had happened last night that the man who until yesterday was afraid of blood was now pointing gun at my forehead. I tried to make sense of our fall. I tried to talk but my voice thawed and sweat dripped from my head to toe and all that I could hear was the rhythm of my racing heart. Bang! he shot in the air and laughed hysterically, he said “Darling die for me once and I will love you forever”. He laughed and laughed then he cried and pleaded “show me that you love me my love”.

He pointed the gun at me again and hit the trigger , sound of crashing bullet startled me from my sleep and I breathed deeply because it was just a dream. I laughed at my indecipherable nightmare while he slept beside me soundly, angelic and babyish innocence beaming from his face.

I was about to doze off again when reflection of something shiny at the edge of his pillow caught my eyes. I searched under his pillow with utmost care. My cheeks flushed and my heart rocketed to an unknown rhythm when lustre of an unknown but known metallic gun penetrated my eyes. The metallic gun with his name inscribed in bold letters.

~Mayuri Srivastava~

The Prompt – To write a story in less than 280 words using the line “The metallic gun with his name inscribed in bold letters. I wrote this story using the aforementioned prompt .This is my first flash fiction and I am not sure if I did it right(You can give me your feedback) but if you like it you too can use the prompt to write your own flash fiction. Thank you and have a good day.

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