I have written this poem to point at things that women are constantly reminded about in their daily lives . I just wanted to say that women can be much more than what the society expects from them and she is not born to just fit in the molds created by the society .

She is more than her scars. 
She is more than her beauty and flaws.
She is more than just a piece of art. 

She is more than the tiny hair on her face.  
She is more than her belly and bone.  
She is more than just a doll of blood and flesh.  

She is more than a goddess of love.  
She can be more than a kind wife or mother,  
or a caring sister or daughter.  

She is more than the one whose voice is low.  
She too can be both polite and rude,  
depending on the way you serve her mood.  

She too has dreams to live and opinion to speak.  
She too has rush of adrenaline in her bloodstream,  
so don't mind if she gets outspoken or weak.  

Don't ask her to kill her dreams and settle before,  
as if women ages at twenty-four and men at forty-four.  
Don't clip her wings because she will clip your lips.  

Don't give her names ,  
if she talks with too many men,  
or if she decides to divorce and run.  

Don't judge her if she lost her husband,  
and her lips are red,  
or if her saree has flowers in orange and red.  

Don't ask her to behave like a woman,  
as if women are born with traits and characteristics,  
engraved on stone,  
because she won't tolerate anymore.  

She won't just swing her hips and ignore your talks,  
but she will swing her lips and break your limbs,  
because she is a woman phenomenally ,  
she is a phenomenal woman.

~Mayuri Srivastava~

While I was writing this poem a poem called “Phenomenal Woman” by Maya Angelou was constantly ringing in my head . Well what I wrote is completely different from “Phenomenal Woman” but I decided to end my poem same as Maya Angelou’s “Phenomenal Woman” .

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