Few days back while I was rummaging around one of my dirty shelf for some important paper this incomplete madhubani sketch (which is now complete) came into my view . I felt so heartbroken looking at it because I remember it was around two years back when I had started sketching it with great zeal and happiness but I left it unfinished due to some reasons that I couldn’t recall now so I left it on it’s destiny and it laid there dusty and neglected for two years.

I wonder how come something that once made me feel so happy was now covered with dust I don’t remember how many things and how many tiny little dreams of mine might be waiting for me and getting rusted . I felt like all those things that I abandoned might be waiting for me to get completed with the same zeal with which I started them . I think it’s the same for many of us that we loose the courage to complete our beautiful dreams but I think we should try to complete them because trying itself is a great thing .

Here is a short poem that I wrote to express how I felt at that time.

Lingering on my dusty shelf ,
was the scent of past .
Unfinished painting and a broken clock ,
lost puzzle and a broken guitar ,
drowned in spider web sticky and dark .
Dreams that once gave me life ,
rusted with time ,
because every time I tried ,
fear paralyzed my mind ,
and now tears welled in my eyes .

I wondered ,
should I spill water on that tiny spark inside me?
or should I blow air and let it burn ?
I wondered ,
Should I give up before I try?
or Should I rage before I die?
and I decided to take one step at a time .
I decided to try and try ,
to keep the spark burning and alive .

I decided to inject them with life.

Yes I decided to try and I completed at least one thing that I had left unfinished . Two years back when I started this sketch I wanted to keep it black and white but this time I involuntarily added some colours because that’s how I felt this time . It’s very different from what I started and it has got infinite flaws but the fact that I finished it makes me feel good .

I think if your heart says yes you too should give try to all those things that you left unfinished.

Thank you and have a good day .

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