Land Unknown

In our world so small ,
a maze so beautiful ,
People come and go ,
to the land unknown ,
all they leave behind are ashes and bones ,
and memories that our heart crave for in our rise and fall.
Yes they come and go ,
They blur like the wisps of smoke ,
and disappear like the drops of rain in sun ,
but we continue live and breathe with the hope ,
that a day will come ,
when we will meet them at the land unknown.
Sometimes it's in the sound of windchimes , or smell of rain ,
or a knock at the door, which reminds that they are with us,
eternal and forever like the stars and the sun,
Still we wish and sob ,
if only we would have loved more and danced more,
the gulf in our heart wouldn't feel so deep and lone.
Truth is people will bloom and fade ,
but our life will flow and flow ,
like the river cutting the stone ,
and one day whether we want it or not ,
We will become the part of the flow ,
that we too are heading towards the land unknown. 

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