I was supposed to climb a tree and dive into a sea .

I was supposed to burn all night like the stars in the sky,

so the table was set and the room was lit as I dived inside the coffee cups one by one ten times ,

but all my attempts went in vain and my eyes turned black and started to pain ,

so I decided to take a nap for a while ,

to rejuvenate my eyes and to hustle all night.

The stars decided to radiate their smile and lit the sky ,

but I fell asleep….., a deep sleep deep like the darkness of the night.


Boundaries blurred in my dreams ,

and the sky extended to infinity ,

as my mind drifted freely like the clouds in the sky .

I slept and dreamt like a baby so quiet ,

while the Candles lit the room all night ,

and finally lost it’s existence when the sun climbed the sky.

My work cried for me all night,

but I slept all night , a deep sleep like the darkness of the night.

The sun was now shining brightly ,

and the burnt candle was now laughing heartily ,

I fumbled with my pen and sighed at my commitments so weak and silly,

because I still had a tree to climb and a sea to dive ,

but I was relieved and happy,

because at least I had a sleep so sweet and quiet.

then I winked my eyes and said ” Work can wait for another night “,

because sometimes it’s okay to compromise your work for a sleep so sweet and quiet.

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