Still a Dream

” The night is cold and lone so it’s not safe to go outside alone ” , warned my mother.

“But all I want is to explore the beauty of night and wonder freely ” , I argued.

My mother was bedridden due to her illness so all she said ” Just beware because night is haunted by wild wolves ” .

Ignorant to the ways of wolves I went out in my shorts and my red top because all I wanted was to explore the beauty of the night for the first time .

The night was dark and scary but the dark sky had big luminous moon and millions of stars twinkling and smiling , they were ready to guide my way . The trees were tall and shady sometimes they blocked the light of moon and stars. I have heard numerous stories about these giant trees , people have told me that the trees are the giant policemen and they are there to warn you to go back but now i knew the warmth of these trees they were there to prevent me from cold breeze.

The owl was hooting and the dogs were howling , they sang in chorus as if they were trying to appreciate me for my bravery . They sang as if they were with me to explore the beauty of the dark and cold night.

The croaking of frog and burble of river made it clear that the river was near . Finally I was there I sat on the bank of river . The moonlight’s reflection had turned the river into a giant silver pool. The smiling stars twinkled and danced in the dark black sky , the light of the moon fell on the ground and the river like a huge silver waterfall. The cold breeze hugged me , kissed my cheeks and played with my hair.

The hooting of owl , the howling of dogs , the croaking of frog and the burble of river sounded like a mozart playing his beautiful music . It felt like they in unison were paying tribute to my bravery and playfulness . I felt intoxicated and lost in my own world I thought I have proved everyone that the night is also beautiful .

I was almost recovering from this divine moment when the night turned into the darkest night ever . The sky was covered by dark clouds , the silver river was now enveloped in darkness . Every creature has turned silent , no more music , no more lights , It felt like I was stuck in a dark black hole .

Everything around me was numb , I thought of returning back but I was misguided by the darkness and I lost my way. I stood there alone unaware of my surrounding , suddenly a loud howling noise broke the silence . I realized it was the sound of wolves I felt scared because with the passage of time those sounds were becoming more clear , I knew they were approaching . I had heard number of stories of these dangerous wolves who lust for flesh and blood. Suddenly the sky was again illuminate with fireflies but now I was surrounded by wolves. They were dark , huge furry wolves with fierce eyes each one of them staring at me intensely as if they were trying to pierce my soul . As I got closer I realized that they were friendly and they were there to accompany me in my adventure.

I was able to feel the magic of the universe , I had broken the myth. Those wolves were one of the best companion I ever had , they made me feel protected and made my adventure even more enjoyable . Finally I was back , I hugged them and left with a promise to meet again maybe to shatter another myth. I was back , I wanted to tell my mother about my adventure in the beautiful night . I wanted to tell her about my bravey and the broken myth but most importantly I wanted to tell them about the wolves . I was about to speak when I woke from my dream.

The sun was shining brightly in the sky and I was now awoke from my long and mesmerizing dream I was at peace but there was huge chaos outside , I went to the window to eavesdrop about what has happened . All I could hear was about the failed attempt of a girl to explore the beauty of the night and her torn body lying across the river . She laid there cold and dead with her scattered body , soul , dreams and freedom .

Now I knew that my last night’s dream was Still a Dream.

4 thoughts on “Still a Dream

    1. A candor description keep me connected to your ‘still a dream’
      Keep connecting…. 👍

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