Because she was afraid.

Photo by cottonbro on Propped behind the curtains she stares at those streets with fear and longing. She is like the lizard camouflaged under the folds of dusty curtains, the more one tries to shove her the more she hides in the labyrinth of dreary curtains, curtain that dangles like the dead forgotten painting … Continue reading Because she was afraid.

Almond. ( Book review #2)

Almond Author - Won Pyung Sohn Genre - Fiction , Contemporary , Young adult , Mental health , Asian literature. No of pages - 272 Plot without spoilers. Almond is the story of a boy named Yunjae who suffers from a brain condition called alexithymia , a condition which makes it difficult for him to … Continue reading Almond. ( Book review #2)


Photo by Pixabay on Memories euphoric and lugubrious avalanches inside my heart, like the snow on those ghostly roads , unbounded and free. Memories dive inside my mind and peck my heart's flesh. Those memories grow like my nails strong but ugly, they know the nooks and crannies of my hiding place, they know … Continue reading Memories.


Pic credit -Mayuri Srivastava. Rain swirled and the lizard hopped out of the mud with a splash, smell of lilies buoyed from the heart of her gloomy flowerbed. She stepped out and let the raindrops crown her maze of eyelash, rain or whipping storm she decided to live before she was dead. ~Mayuri Srivastava~ Nature … Continue reading Hope.