Chaos of life.(Butterfly Cinquain#2)

Mountains, placid and quiet, camouflaged chaos of life. Zoomed in , he captured mysteries divine. Swirling waterfall , swaying green trees, gurgling brook , hopping deer, melting snow and, time thawed. ~Mayuri Srivastava~ on the above link to see the prompt.I wrote this poem for Collen M. Chesebro's tuesday prompt which was to write … Continue reading Chaos of life.(Butterfly Cinquain#2)

The glass and closet of fear.(Cinquain#3)

His glass, broken and old, echoed his other half. The one he hid in the closet, of fear. ~Mayuri Srivastava~ I wrote this cinquain poem in response to Sadje's #Whatdoyousee prompt. Hope you will like it.A cinquain poem is an unrhymed five line poem and it has two syllable in first line , four in … Continue reading The glass and closet of fear.(Cinquain#3)

Housewife.(Butterfly cinquain#1)

Photo by Roxanne Shewchuk on Chapped hands, and brittle nails. Trail of unending dust, dreams rotting under pile of clothes. Wings clipped, in the cloak of duty and love. Maybe it is love or, chains that she needs, to break. ~Mayuri Srivastava~ on the above link to see the prompt. I wrote this … Continue reading Housewife.(Butterfly cinquain#1)

The tree wished for infidel love.

Image credit; Tasos Mansour¬†@¬†Unsplash The tree weathered, and it's leaves withered. The birds delivered the bruit, about it's crooked boughs and root. The dilapidated look repelled the birds, and the tree turned crestfallen and blurred. The shining stars danced in the majestic sky, and the meteors showered high. The innocent but crooked tree wished for … Continue reading The tree wished for infidel love.


Flower from my garden. Every time I looked in their eyes, all I saw was a distorted image of mine. Room without windows swallowed me every night, all I could hear were the echoes of my cries. My mirror broke into pieces, so I believed everything they said, burnt myself with the fire they gave. … Continue reading Distorted.